About Jen and Marshall

Hi! I'm Jennifer, some of you may know me as Pandora! I have been piercing in the Grand Valley for over 20 years. I started my journey in Grand Junction as a piercer at a local tattoo shop. After moving to my own location in 2005, Marshall, my husband, joined my team. He and I have been piercing alongside one another and together we have flourished. We are your Pandora's Piercing Team at our downtown location, in Grand Junction, CO.

Soon to join our piercing team will be a familiar face! Your long time Pandora's team manager, Kaylee! She has been with me for over a decade, and now she will continue her apprenticeship under Marshall and I, becoming another valued member of our piercing team.

Marshall and I have two amazing sons with a home full of love. Marshall, like our sons, are Colorado natives, whereas I got here as soon as I could. Family, friends & our community are important to the Pandora's team. To us our clients are our family and our friends.

Our body jewelry selection is not only the largest in town but the most affordable as well. We offer permanent jewelry in 14k gold and sterling silver, with over 75 different styles to choose from. Natural Stone plugs, ornate organic jewelry, unique locally made pieces & fine jewelry as well. Stop by our beautiful downtown location and see what we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you!