About Jen and Marshall

Hi, I'm Jennifer! I have been piercing in Grand Junction since September 2003. I started working alongside a local tattoo artist, then moved to my own individual location. Marshall and I have been together since 2005, with him having apprenticed under me for five years and now working alongside me.

We attend the Association of Professional Piercers yearly conference in Las Vegas, NV to stay up to date with jewelry and technique - and to take the industry-specific blood-borne pathogen courses. We proudly display our certificates of completion for all to view.

We have two boys and a home full of love. Marshall is a native to Colorado, born in Glenwood Springs. I am a transplant and have resided here since 2001... and I love it!

Stop by our wonderful downtown location to see what we have to offer for you and your needs. Our body jewelry selection is the wildest in town and the greatest quality at affordable prices your pocketbook will appreciate. We also have a wide selection of clothing, smoking accessories, earthly spiritual novelties, and tattoo supplies.