Pandora’s Piercings Testimonials

“Jen is the very best at what she does. She has done two piercings for me and I know I will be back for more. I have had two other piercings done since she did mine and the experience was not even close to the same. They took longer to heal and even now still have issues from time to time. If Jen wasn’t so far away I know I would have several piercings out of the way but at 350 miles, I have to plan a trip to see her. I tell everyone I know about her and tell people the trip is well worth it if you want the very best!  LOVE MY PIERCINGS!!!!!”


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  • Bobby B.
    "Fun environment! Really nice and laid back"
    Rebecca L.
    "Super friendly and laid back! But professional"
    Kayla Norton
    "The atmosphere is fun and comfortable, it makes you come back! I don't trust anyone else."
    Sara L.
    "It was fun. People are nice."
    Shaunee V.
    "Well, I was really afraid to get my nose and belly done but it was very painless, thank god for that!" (*_*)
    Morgan M.
    "It was AWESOME!"
    Valerie C.
    "It's always a pleasure!"
    Ashley W.
  • Laavren D.
    "Awesome! Great Piercings!
    Ariana W.
    "Always friendly service, a great environment and generally AWESOME!"    
    Echo R.
    "We Love You Jen!"
    Mindy M.
    "First time - will be back!"
    Destini L.
    "My daughter love to come here for her piercings - staff is friendly & the piercings process is clean. GREAT JOB!" (*_*)
    Alison S.
    "This is my 3rd time & every two weeks."
    Sara C.
    "I Love it and Jamie!!!"
    Helen F.
    "Very friendly and helpful. Great Atmosphere!"